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I am the Fool, but never foolish

My instructors are the Magician and the High Priestess
My guardians are the Empress and her consort, the Emperor
The Hierophant accompanies me through the halls of knowledge
And welcomes me as a matriculate
The Lovers grant me free choice and opportunity
My Chariot sees me through victory and gives me direction
I have Strength of integrity and to banish adversity
My guide, the Hermit, has lead me to the mountain of Solitude and now I
Know myself and I demonstrate my authenticity
The Wheel of the year turns and with the turns my
Fortunes are cast away and gathered time and again
I am blinded not by the glitter of the sword and scale,
Justice wraps me gently
Demanding sacrifices to the gods of fame and chance
My Death is never what it seems; compromise and
Amalgamation have seen my Temperance certified
Thus am I free of the Devil of material wants
Reborn to be aware of the reality of my Tower and I
Live life by the code of the honest Star and gain
Perception not only of the reflection but the shadow of the Moon
All the while I see the Sun revives and transfigures who I am
Seeing another rebirth in Judgement intellectually and spiritually
Emotions prepare for the next step, the next World

Enjoy life, and if the odd consultation of the Cards helps you to make some sense in a clouded world, then it's got to be a great thing.